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Cannabis dispensaryWe have come a long way since 1996 when California passed Proposition 215 allowing for the Medical use of marijuana. The industry began moving out of basements and garages and are now providing more sophisticated products and services for our clients. Medical MarijuanaDo you want a General Liability policy for a Marijuana Dispensary? Do we really want to insure the plants we have in a collective garden? What if you need insurance that covers the Property? What if you are making medibles and having them tested? Are you eligible for a policy discount?

Medical marijuana insurance can turn a tragic property loss into a minor inconvenience. We have the needed experience in assisting with those difficult questions concerning their Cannabis business or dispensary.

By operating with compassion, we understand keeping the cost as low as possible to keep the overhead low for patients.
We are a full service agency; I have helped several nonprofits enroll in no cost and low cost health insurance for their volunteers; most importantly at no cost to nonprofit. Medical Marijuana is a very creative model, with the right insurance coverage you can reduce the risks for everyone involved.

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