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It seems like yesterday, I asked one of my friends how they insure their medical marijuana dispensaries in Seattle? She didn’t know, so I started looking. I read up on the regulations, pricing and product. I found an international insurance wholesaler working with the cannabis industry that was compassionate for medical marijuana and innovative enough to have developed a system that is afforable and user-friendly. I had to offer it in Washington State.

By 2013, I started helping out with the Washington Cannabis Institute on how to insure I502 retail businesses to meet the guidelines and what additional coverages they should look at to develop a long term business. As of July 2014, 23 states support legalized marijuana in one form or another. My goal continues to help create as strong an industry as possible.

I have a long histroy and relationship with insurance, both as a customer and an agent. I would rather spend the 20 to 30 minutes helping you set up a ‘what if’ policy than see anyone scrambling to rebuild their lives or business and scrape together money after a disaster or crime.

-Matt McColm


I operate operate from the RJ Martinez Agency in Quincy Washington. We have a Farmers Insurance product line that supplies the platform of the agency. For other items such as Health and the Cannabis Industry we have additional brokers and wholesale companies that we work with to insure the right policy gets to the right client at the best possible price.

In this age of Internet and VIOP, a person can literally do business anywhere. I picked a small town in the Center of Washington for a distinct reason: With With a laptop, I can be on the other side of the state in a short period of time. I have driven to Tonasket, Washington for signatures that couldn’t wait for the mail. I have helped events in Seattle be a success and met with Vendors in Spokane for product training.

Do not hesitate to call the office number as we have a range of agents that can assist with your needs.

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